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Frisse smakelijke Kelp (zeewier) noodle salade
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Seagriculture speaker

14 JUN 2022
Seagriculture speaker

David Mackie, Founding Director of Marine Biopolymers Ltd, a seaweed biorefining company lets us know what we can expect during his presentation at Seagriculture:

What will you be talking about at Seagriculture 2022 in Bremerhaven? 

I will focus on the “Great Expectations” surrounding seaweed at present, and whether the Charles Dickens novel is appropriate, or whether the seaweed industry is heading for a “Grimm Fairy Tale” (I know this is a play on words but given that the conference is in Germany ….). I will also suggest that the industry needs to develop a broad consensus on what seaweed can realistically do, and what it can’t do