Zeewier in de Oosterschelde
Laminaria wortel gerecht
Betonblokken langs de Oosterschelde begroeid met zeewier
Frisse smakelijke Kelp (zeewier) noodle salade
KelpNoodle 6e.jpg
StF2017 Voorgerecht met priemwier.jpg
StF2017 hoofdgerecht met viltwier.jpg
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Eating Algae

12 APR 2021
Eating Algae
Cooking with seaweed is still far from mainstream in our western culture.
What takes us Europeans and Americans (as opposed to our Asian friends) so long?
Is it in our culture?
Is it in our native algae species?
Or are we simply not awake yet?

In the webinar
Cooking with Algae - not a mystery anymore

seaweed chefs, professors and other experts in the field will share their latest insights on this topic, and will – without a doubt – leave you with a greater appetite for algae.

Global demand for macroalgal and microalgal foods is growing and algae are increasingly being consumed for functional benefits beyond the traditional considerations of nutrition and health.
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