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Frisse smakelijke Kelp (zeewier) noodle salade
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Algae in cooking

08 APR 2021
Algae in cooking
EABA organizes several Algae workshops (see also end of this post).

Te first one coming up is
algae for cooking

Several experts will be sharing their knowledge of, and enthusiasm for micro and macro algae in the kitchen. In this post more about two experts from Spain, one in the field of MACRO algae (ie seaweed), the other in MICRO algae.

Antonio Muiños is founder of Porto-Muiños, a company that embarked on the conquest of the sea in 1998. The website reads:
The Galician sea is very fertile. The confluence of the Atlantic Ocean with the Cantabrian Sea creates a marine system of unique wealth. The marine strip that passes trough Galicia is the richest in the world in marine flora due to its sunny hours. We take care of the sea and take care of our underwater garden, because we know that the sea is our source of life and the future of planet. 

A walk breathing in the sea breeze, its energy, its essential elements, its vitamins and minerals. A basket filled with sea vegetables. A plate of soup with seaweeds from Galicia. We are coastal people united with the knowledge of researchers, universities, chefs and people of the sea. The sea is everything and everyone has their space in this project. A journey without end in which we learn to discover new horizons.
Antonio will be sharing with us his journey so far. 

Pedro Escudero is owner of Buggypower:

from the sea towards a more sustainable world

Buggypower are changing the food, feed, health and well-being paradigms through marine microalgae and with certainty that great changes can start microscopically. Micro algae are one the oldest living organisms on the planet, and have been around for billions of years. They are
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Antimicrobial power
  • Potential prevention of tumor diseases
  • Rich in Omega3, with proven benefits associated to the Prevention of heart disease
  • Rich in Lutein, that support visual and brain function
Don't miss the information and knowledge these experts will be sharing. 
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Algae for cooking

Please refer to the information below for other webinars and conferences that will be organizes by the European Algae Biomass Association:

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