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Betonblokken langs de Oosterschelde begroeid met zeewier
Frisse smakelijke Kelp (zeewier) noodle salade
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06 APR 2021

algae for cooking

During the flash webinar 2 main questions will be addressed:

1. Why algae for cooking?

2. How to use algae for cooking?

In a previous post we shared information about Prannie Rhatigan and Jörg Ullmann who are covering the WHY.
The following posts will look at experts who will tell you HOW to use algae for cooking. 

We are starting off with BELGIUM:

  • a general manager from a Korean company with a subsidiary in .... BELGIUM
Donald Deschagt is Seaweedchef and owner of Restaurant Le Homard et la Moule in Belgium. On the website it reads: 
Have you ever eaten lobster with algae butter? A fresh dessert with “elixir de mer”? A juicy piece of North Sea fish with plankton oil? Our sea saucisse, a dry sausage with seaweed in it? Chips made from sea oak? Had a seaweed tripel? Tasted our North Sea Gin, unique, because made with sea lettuce from the North Sea? No? Then you have come to the right place ! My love for sea vegetables, seaweed and algae, and all the other beautiful things the North Sea has to offer, started years ago and the passion continues to grow every day. After all, the sea, the breakwaters and the dunes are my backyard. And say for yourself, which garden is more beautiful than this one? Every week I walk into the water in boot, cut algae and algae, pick herbs in the dunes in Breda, flowers and blossoms, wild arugula, sea buckthorn berries ... I then use them very subtly in our dishes on the menu.
Donald will share his enthusiasm for algae and give tips on how to cook using them in the kitchen. 

Jack Lee is the general manager of SEADS Co. Ltd in Korea. In Asia there is a long history of eating nutritious seaweed. Seads Co wants to let the rest of the world enjoy algae too. 
SEADS stands for "Sea plants Enables Affluent & Durable Superlife" and is a young, dynamic and future-driven company supplying purer, safer and better quality products from sea vegetables and sea plants. Based on the combination of market intelligence, technology understanding and market relationship, SEADS develops the best valued products and brings them to you across the world. SEADS has 2 entities currently - one in South Korea as production base & laboratory, the other in Belgium as sales base and Tech institute.
It will be good to hear about the practical use of sea veg from someone who grew up eating it as part of his staple food.