Zeewier in de Oosterschelde
Laminaria wortel gerecht
Betonblokken langs de Oosterschelde begroeid met zeewier
Frisse smakelijke Kelp (zeewier) noodle salade
KelpNoodle 6e.jpg
StF2017 Voorgerecht met priemwier.jpg
StF2017 hoofdgerecht met viltwier.jpg
Seawead for Health.jpg
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Getting started

01 APR 2021
Getting started

On April 15 you can join
Cooking with Algae - not a mystery anymore
If you cannot wait a fortnight, why not order a specially prepared box with great seaweed (and algae) products NOW

Le Homard et la Moule: 2 sausages sealed, 1 bottle seaweed triple, 1 mini bottle of North Sea Gin, 1 pack of coconut seaweed biscuits. 
Seamore: Seaweed bacon, seaweed chips and seaweed wraps. 
Porto Muiños: Bio Certified Wakame 25 gram.
Marinoë: Spread with seaweed, 90 gram. 
CaraVin: A mini bottle of Tarani red wine (Malbec) - clarified with algae

The fee for this box is € 45 including the packaging and sending costs. The real value of the products is higher - thanks to the sponsoring companies we have been able to keep the costs lower.

Mind you:
there is a limited supply of boxes