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Seaweed 4 HEALTH

06 APR 2021
Seaweed 4 HEALTH
There are 2 great ONLINE seaweed activities coming up:

April 15: flashwebinar: Algae for cooking

May 18-20: Seaweed for Health - virtual conference

What can you expect at the Seaweed for Health conference?
Seaweeds are incredibly rich sources of nutrients and unique bioactives. They are available in every ocean on Planet Earth and have a wide range of possible applications:
  • food,
  • feed,
  • nutraceuticals,
  • cosmeceuticals and
  • pharmaceuticals
At the conference a group of people will come together with seaweed knowledge and experience. Topics will include health research and business interests concerned with maximizing the use of seaweed. At the “Seaweed for Health” conference we will present an opportunity for people from many backgrounds to discuss the health-promoting properties of seaweed compounds, including novel functional ingredients. We will discuss toxicological aspects and regulatory issues as well as some barriers for industrial exploitation and commercialization of seaweed.

We have a dream
that someday seaweed will be known to everybody
as a healthy part of everyday life

We hope that you will join us at the conference.
And make our dream come true.

Seaweed for Health conference 2021